About us


Hey there!

it’s us, Masha and Oleg. A few things happened over the span of last 2.5 years: we have started training for Ironman triathlon race (the full one 🏊3.8km 🚴180km 🏃42.2km), got bored with our corporate financial management job, I started this blog which was originally about nutrition and training, we quit the job, and ran the race we trained for, then packed all our belongings into storage unit, took backpacks and bought one way plane tickets to Asia.
We plan to travel the whole world, and the first leg very commonly starts in Asia. I am writing this sitting at a kitchen table of our couch surfing hosts in Hong Kong – the first stop on the journey.

Why travel? We are looking for a new home and want to know what the world has to offer before we choose to settle. Sure, this trip of ours will not be luxurious: our new favourite words are back-packing, hitch-hiking and couch surfing.

I am a 28 years old girl with a wild interest in sports, food and nutrition and obvious body-image problems, and that’s exactly my angle here. Can you eat healthily and balanced when you are travelling and your only options are hole-in-the-wall street food stalls, cheap cafes and supermarkets? what training routine can you have or not have? what is the desired body image in the cultures we visit? and so on along the same lines.

Oleg is 32, crazy about technology, gadgets, electric vehicles and space exploration, he is in charge of our budget and logistics and will write about budgeting on long travels, equipment that we use, ways we save money and technology in every new place we go to.
He is also pretty decent with camera, here check out his and mine Instagram and while we are at it, that’s us on Facebook: me and him.